SKA Called it Even in the Last Minute

Pre-Game Observation.  Kuzbass want to make it clear: their recent boost in the game is not a fluke. The team is on a tear. Kuzbass is being on a winning spree to have convincingly squashed Syktyvkar Stroitel, 17-2, in the previous round of games. Yet, a game earlier Moscow Dynamo had been mercilessly dumped by a rejuvenated Siberian hosting squad, 2-7. So, don't be fooled by the 8th spot in the standings taken by the next SKA opponent. They are no whipping boys by all means and ready to prove it by giving a reigning champ a jolly good thrashing!
Game Observation.  Kuzbass bust out in the beginning of the first halftime. They stroke twice in the third and the fifth minute. Mikhail Yuriev had to call a timeout, which resulted in Artyom Bondarenko's trimming a deficit, 1-2. As of that moment the game took form of a roller-coaster from coast to coast and Kuzbass succeeded one more time in the first. In the second the roller-coaster continued when the teams traded the goals close to the 60 minute mark, 4-2. Erik Pettersson connected for SKA in three minutes to minimize differentiation, and Alan Jusoev  saved the day to beat the buzzer. 
Post-Game Observation.  The teams went out and played the way they wanted. Both played to their strength and speed. The Kuzbass players were faster in passing a ball around and possessed it with longer stretches than SKA, but there was no resignation even when SKA wasn't catching their "trademark" mode most of the time. Our hometown team simply stuck to their structure, got to the radius, kept taking chances and kept their foot on the gas pedal to the very last call to equalize in the last minute of a very arduous game, 4-4.
Our hometown team is moving over to Novosibirsk to skate outdoors against Sibselmash on the 13th. 

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